Hi there!



Thank you very much for visiting my page.

It means you like my photos and my style.

The photos I will take for you will stay with you forever.

That is why I really pay attention to my photography and I am committed to my work.






Wedding day




I am there for you for 12h on the wedding day

I usually photograph from preparations to around midnight

We can make a short photoshoot of you and your friends during that day.

However, it is important to plan it before sunset.



4700 zł / around 1000 Euro



If you decide for this package, you get a discount on engagement session

or wedding session on another day, somewhere you like.











Wedding session




It is a session on a different day.

We can visit your favorite place on the planet.




700 zł/ around 150 Euro - when you book me on the wedding day


1300 zł/around 300 Euro - wedding session alone without the wedding day package











Engagement session





What for?

- You can use pictures to make original invitations

- You can use pictures to thank your guests

- You can get used to the camera

You know me better

I know you better


700 zł - when you book me on the wedding day


1300 zł - session alone without the wedding day package












Wedding books and prints


I have a traditional attitude towards photography. I believe photos should always be printed or stored in books.


I can prepare for you:


Big book 30x30cm (30x60cm opened), 30 thick pages


Smaller book , 20x30cm, with slim pages so there can be more pages


Both choices are around- 600



100 prints 15x23cm in a box- 350











Let's have a coffee!



It would be perfect if we could meet and get to know each other.

If you only find some time I would like to invite you for a coffee and chat.

We can also meet on FaceTime.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:






tel. +48 502 040 153